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I'm Marisol Ibarra. I am a first-gen graduate and professional.

My mission is to empower future and current first-gens to pursue their dreams. I love to share tips and tricks that have worked out for me.

As a daughter of immigrants, I can share that the road to success is one of continuous learning and growth.

This is why I would like to share resources in hopes that it will strengthen the path of our communities through our own personal and professional journeys.

I am the first women in my lineage with freedom of choice. to craft her future whichever way I choose. Say what is on my mind when I want to. Without the whip of the lash. There are hundreds of first i am thankful for. My mother and her mother and her mother did not have the privilege of feeling. What an honor. To be the first women in the family who gets to taste her desires. No wonder i am starving to fill up on this life. I have generations of bellies to eat for. The grandmothers must be howling with laughter. How wild it must be for them to see one of their own living so boldly. -rupi kaur The Sun and Her Flowers

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